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Digi Rah Rah RM1 HUAWEI P20 Pro promotion — much hoo-hah over nothing?

Digi Rah Rah RM1 HUAWEI P20 Pro promotion — much hoo-hah over nothing?

by Vyncent ChanJune 8, 2018
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The HUAWEI P20 Pro is probably one of the best flagships for photography out there now, so it’s understandable that promoting an insane deal on such a desirable device will attract some serious interest. I know, for one, I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I am a long-time Digi user, and I am always on the lookout for some nice new data plan to hop onto. Dangle the carrot in the form of a HUAWEI P20 Pro priced at RM1, and I was lining up at 8.50 am outside the Digi Store at Bukit Bintang.

Yep, I forfeited my precious sleep, hoping to score myself a P20 Pro…

I was around the 40th person in the line, and my chances were really good. With the limited number of units — only 100 P20 Pros were up for grabs — I really didn’t want to take my chances by being there late. I stood there for about an hour in the sun, until I overheard a staff member inform her friend in the line, that the RM1 P20 Pro is only valid if you sign up for the RM190/month package. Quite a bullet to bite, there.

After I heard the “leak”, I decided to exit the line and find out more information about this plan. Apparently the details I overheard was true, and you did have to get the RM190/month plan to be eligible for the RM1 P20 Pro offer. Of course, there were other smartphones offered for RM1 with the other packages, but that wasn’t why I was there. I was there for the P20 Pro, and I believe most were too.

It’s understood that quite a few people gave up as well, as the guy who was standing just ahead of me in the line became the first few to step into the store to check out the postpaid packages offered.


Some quick number crunching for the money paid over the 24-month period reveals that users who get the HUAWEI P20 Pro with the RM190/month plan would be paying a whopping RM4560 over 2 years. Unless you really need that much data, it’s indeed quite hard to justify spending nearly RM200 a month, RM1 smartphone or not. I guess what’s seems too good to be true, often is…

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