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How to Fix Borderlands 3 Crashing / Freezing Issues on PC – There Are a Few Solutions

How to Fix Borderlands 3 Crashing / Freezing Issues on PC – There Are a Few Solutions

by Aiman MaulanaSeptember 15, 2019
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How to Fix Borderlands 3 Crashing / Freezing Issues on PC

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It appears that many gamers across the globe are facing stability issues in Borderlands 3 on PC. There have been various reports of crashing / freezing, and we faced some of those issues ourselves. We also figured out some solutions that could fix the issue. While there’s no guarantee, it’s still worth trying. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Solution #1: Update EVERYTHING

This is arguably the most basic thing you can do to fix the problem. If you have any Windows 10 updates, BIOS updates, graphics driver updates, and game updates, just update it. This is especially if you’re using NVIDIA graphics cards. It’s been said Game Ready Drivers released prior to the 10th September 2019 version causes the game to crash rather frequently.

If everything on your PC has been updated and it’s still crashing, then let’s try something else.

Solution #2: Use Fullscreen instead of Windowed Borderless

In the display settings for Borderlands 3, be sure to use Fullscreen instead of Windowed Borderless. Some users have reported that on Windowed Borderless, the game has the tendency to minimize as if someone pressed Alt + Tab. If the game didn’t continue running as usual, it would’ve either started freezing, crashed, or run with noticeable frame drops. Either way, fullscreen would be more stable to run.

If that still doesn’t work, then we move on to our next solution.

Solution #3: Cap the FPS at 60 FPS

This is a bit of an odd case but it could be possible solution for some of you. So our chief editor, Super Daddy, runs the game at 144Hz and lets the FPS cap at that number. I on the other hand game on a 60Hz display so I cap my FPS at 60.

My game ran almost flawlessly as it only crashed once, specifically at the end of the Catch-A-Ride quest, while Super Daddy’s game crashed rather frequently. He mentioned that the game ran more stable when he capped his FPS at 60, though it still crashed anyway. At least it happens a lot less now, which is something.

Solution #4: Do Not Run Borderlands 3 in DirectX 12

In the Visual settings under the Advanced tab, you have the option of choosing between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 in the Graphics API option. Be sure to use DirectX 11 as DirectX 12 is rather unstable. Not only is it in beta, the game even warns you of potential issues that can be faced when using DirectX 12. For now, best to stay away from it.

If all else fails, you do have one more thing you can do.

Solution #5: Verify Game / Reinstall

This is more of a last ditch effort than anything else. On your Epic Games Launcher under the Library tab, click the gear icon on Borderlands 3. There will be a dropdown menu, with Verify being the first option. Click on that and it will verify all the game files to ensure that nothing is wrong. It will be download any missing / corrupted data. Alternatively, you can always reinstall the game and see if that works instead.

And that’s all the solutions that we have for the Borderlands 3 crashing / freezing issues. They will definitely need to release an update patch to fix these issues. For now, these potential solutions could either fix the problem, or at least make it more bearable for now. Be sure to stay tuned to for gaming tips, tricks, and troubleshooting details.

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