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Steelcase refreshes Kuala Lumpur Business Center to showcase new Creative Spaces

Steelcase refreshes Kuala Lumpur Business Center to showcase new Creative Spaces

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 28, 2019
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Steelcase is probably a name which you have not heard about, but they have a strong presence in the office furniture industry. They recently brought us on a tour of their new Steelcase Business Center here in Malaysia to showcase their new Creative Spaces.

Creative Spaces are designed to support the needs of individuals and teams as they move through the different stages and activities of the creative process. With varying furniture configurations, Steelcase’s Creative Spaces fosters creativity by ensuring user comfort through superior ergonomics.

Steelcase has done a lot of research into what employees want. According to their research, non-financial benefits such as work-life balance and workplace flexibility are major factors in employees’ satisfaction. As it stands, only 13% of global workers are highly satisfied with their workplace. With their Creative Spaces, they believe that the flexibility of the work environments enabled by the customized workspaces will improve employees’ satisfaction, and thus increase creativity and productivity.

By partnering up with Microsoft, Steelcase integrates Surface hardware into the Creative Spaces, enabling both individual work also collaborative work, depending on the users’ needs. Steelcase believes that their unique implementation of architecture, furniture and technology can amplify the performance of individuals, teams and enterprises.

The Steelcase Kuala Lumpur Business Center is currently showcasing the Ideation Hub and Maker Commons, where you will see the Steelcase Series 1, SILQ, Brody and also the very interesting Casper Cloaking Technology, which is a film designed to obscure digital screens from the outside view. Sort of like a privacy screen protector, but for glass panels, giving an air of transparency while hiding sensitive material from those on the outside.

Perhaps it’s now time to ask your boss to make a visit to the Steelcase Kuala Lumpur Business Center?

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