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STOP using these five fire hazard extension cords!

STOP using these five fire hazard extension cords!

by Vyncent ChanApril 11, 2019
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Hong Kong’s Electrical and Mechanical Services Department has urged the public to stop using these five extension cords as they pose a fire hazard. The extension cords in question do not comply to the relevant safety regulations due to their thin wires which may overheat quite easily.

The five power socket terminals are the:

  • Remax RU-S4
  • LDNIO SC3301
  • LDNIO SC3604
  • Unbranded ZGN-T06
  • Unbranded ZGN-T08

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The LDNIO SC3301 and ZGN-T08 extension cords pose an even larger risk of starting a fire because they do not even feature the necessary fuse in the plug required to prevent overloading. Most of the extension cords feature USB charging ports, which may make them a popular choice for smartphone users.

The authorities recommends consumers to pick extension cords which comply to the British Standards BS 1363 and have wire cores that measure at least 1.25mm². Considering that Hong Kong’s mains electricity standards are similar to ours, Malaysians should also take note of this requirements for their own safety.

Pokdepinion: Definitely going to check if anyone near me uses these extension cords…

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