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You can now buy a car with Razer Chroma in China — but still no toaster

You can now buy a car with Razer Chroma in China — but still no toaster

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 4, 2019
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CEO Min-Liang Tan has posted an image of a car launch several hours ago. We aren’t at the point where Razer starts making their own cars, yet. But Razer has partnered with Chinese car maker, Leapmotor to add Razer Chroma to the their cars.

Leapmotor is a Chinese electric car startup, and from what we can see is that the interior of the Leapmotor vehicles will sport our favorite RGB lighting platform. Why would we need RGB lighting in a car beats me, but hey, it’s a cool party trick, right? Especially if you have a Razer Phone 2 for extra bling.

The lighting synchronization should work with other Razer peripherals and partners. So perhaps you can make your garage glow in the same color as your interior with Phillips Hue lighting? There are probably endless possibilities to explore! What about having the Razer Chroma lighting synchronized to the music? Skip the club, just party in the car?

But our main concern is this: Razer has now partnered with a car manufacturer. When will they partner with a household appliances maker to bring us a Razer Chroma toaster?

Pokdepinion: Perhaps one of the most pointless additions to a car you can have?

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