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MSI Grand Opening Lucky Draw CeREbration; stand a chance to win a MSI GP62!

MSI Grand Opening Lucky Draw CeREbration; stand a chance to win a MSI GP62!

by Vyncent ChanNovember 19, 2017
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MSI Malaysia is not done celebrating the opening of the biggest and grandest MSI store in the world. The festivities continue with the Lucky Draw CeREbration (re-celebrate, get it?) with prizes worth up to RM8000.

All you need to do is to purchase ANY MSI PRODUCT within the MSI CeREbration campaign period of 10th November to 3rd December to be eligible to participate. If you have purchased or plan to purchase a MSI Gaming notebook, MSI Vortex, workstation, MSI motherboard, MSI graphics card, desktop, AIO from any authorized dealer, check out the following steps to be in the running to win yourself a new MSI Gaming GP62 laptop.

You can submit your invoice as late as 6th December as MSI Malaysia knows that we are all forgetful people and still be in the running! After your submission, MSI Malaysia will be sending out the confirmation letter with your lucky draw number every week. And stay tuned to MSI Gaming’s Facebook page on the 10th December as they will do the lucky draw and winner announcement LIVE.

1st prize: MSI Gaming Laptop GP62 x1
2nd prize: MSI Mini PC Cubi x 2
3rd prize: MSI gaming Motherboard Z270 Gaming Plus x1
4th prize: MSI Gaming mouse DS100 x 3
5th prize: MSI Gaming mouse pad x 3

Pokdepinion: Stand a chance to get two laptops for the price of one! A great deal, this is.

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