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Apple’s Investigation on iPhone 8 Battery Swelling; An iPhone 8 Had Smoke & Cracked

Apple’s Investigation on iPhone 8 Battery Swelling; An iPhone 8 Had Smoke & Cracked

by Aiman MaulanaOctober 17, 2017
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Apple is currently investigating the iPhone 8 battery swelling issues that have been surfacing as of late. One unit actually had smoke and started to crack.


Apple’s Investigation on iPhone 8 Battery Swelling

Apple's Investigation on iPhone 8 Battery Swelling

A number of cases have surfaced online with regards to Apple’s newest devices. There’s a been a number of reported cases of iPhone 8 battery swelling and it looks pretty scary.

In one particular case, a Best Buy employee posted on Reddit that his store had received a bulging iPhone 8 as a return. He had also supplied an image along with his post, BGR reported late on Thursday. Of course, a few more similar cases have started to surface.

Reported cases claimed that the smartphones came with the issues straight out of the box whereas other are reporting of battery malfunctions some time after use.

At the moment, there’s nothing much we know about the iPhone 8 battery swelling issue. It’s a given that they’ve managed to sell millions of units and in comparison to the number of reports, it’s not a significant number but that’s not to say that it’s something Apple can ignore.

iphone 8 battery swelling

In fact, one particular battery-related case on the iPhone 8 is quite scary. A chinese woman named Xiaomin allegedly got her father a 64GB iPhone 8. When she left it to charge overnight, she saw smoke coming out of the iPhone 8. It seems to have burns and made cracking sounds.

In an M. Night Shyamalan plot twist that you wouldn’t see coming, Xiaomin allegedly poured water on the smartphone and turned off the power socket. This apparently did not stop neither the smoke nor the cracking sounds. She has contacted Apple, and still hasn’t received a response on the matter yet. We’ll be reporting on the matter when information surfaces.

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Pokdepinion: The Apple iPhone 8 battery swelling is one thing. Having it explode is another. At the moment, the exploding thing is 1 reported case but if it happens to more devices, this could cause quite some damage to Apple.

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