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Game Like A Pro With These Tips and Tricks

Game Like A Pro With These Tips and Tricks

by Aiman MaulanaDecember 14, 2018
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Game Like A Pro With These Tips and Tricks

Game Like A Pro With These Tips and Tricks

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In the past, gaming was limited to arcades and home entertainment systems, which required you to be stuck in a single place in order to play. With smartphones becoming increasingly advanced, mobile gaming has seen a huge boom in the market, including eSports. If you want to take mobile gaming seriously, then here are some tips and tricks so you too can game like a pro.

Bigger Screen

Game Like A Pro With These Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking at your smartphone like this, you definitely need a bigger screen.

The first thing you need in a smartphone to perform at your best and game like a pro is to have a big screen. You need to be able to see every single detail in the game as clearly as possible so you will have complete awareness inside the game. It’s going to be hard to do that if you’re gaming on a tiny screen as there’s barely enough space to show anything.

Not only that, you also need the display to have a resolution that is high enough so even when you’re gaming on big screen, it is capable of showing all the fine details without any pixelations.

While the sky is the limit if we simply say “bigger screen”, it’s also ideal to consider a smartphone with the biggest possible screen size for your hands. In other words, don’t simply go big, make sure it’s still easy enough for you to hold with your hands as you do not want to lose your grip and risking yourself from missing out pivotal moments in the game.

Ideally, you’ll be looking for a smartphone with at least 6-inches of display which is capable of at least Full HD resolution.

Immersive Sound

As much as visuals play a huge role in delivering the best gaming experience possible, the atmosphere can be ruined if the audio quality is not up to par. If you want to game like a pro, you will need a smartphone that is capable of delivering the cleanest, most immersive sound experience.

It’s not about having surround sound or any fancy features related to audio. It’s simply about being able to listen to everything in the game crystal clear regardless of the situation. Whether it’s a smartphone with a loud, audible set of speakers built-in, or just being able to plug in your favourite earphones / headphones to really drive home the immersion factor.

Ideally, you’ll be looking for a smartphone which has loud, audible speakers, a USB Type-C port and a headphone jack. The latter two will give gamers more versatility in terms of audio peripherals to use with it.

Long-lasting Battery

Game Like A Pro With These Tips and Tricks

You can have all the great skills in the world and have the best performing smartphone ever but all of it would be meaningless if the battery life can’t last. As games are generally resource-intensive for smartphones, you will see the battery life going down rather rapidly with just minutes of gaming.

Not only do you have to look for one that has a big enough battery capacity, you will also need to find one that utilizes a chipset that is energy efficient without compromising on performance. If the chipset is a power hog, even the biggest of batteries would not be able to withstand such high power requirements for a long time.

Ideally, you’ll be looking for a smartphone with no less than 3,500 mAh battery capacity as well as utilizing an energy efficient chipset that has the capability to perform well when it comes to running games.

Which Smartphone to Get?

Game Like A Pro With These Tips and Tricks

With all of that being said, you need to find yourself a smartphone that can easily fit into all three criteria if you want to game like a pro. Not sure which one does the job? Well, look no further than the Huawei nova 3.

The Huawei nova 3 has a 6.3-inch FHD+ display, which gives it a resolution of 2340 x 1080 with a 441 pixel per inch (PPI) density. It is powered by the Kirin 970 chipset, which has taken strides in terms of audio quality.

Game Like A Pro With These Tips and Tricks

It supports full-channel HD lossless audio and sampling rate of up to 32bit @ 384 KHz which retains plenty of raw details of audio which results in a more wholesome listening experience. With the advent AI technology, the brand new AI noise reduction feature in the Huawei nova 3 uses deep learning algorithm to suppress noise and enhance voice signals for better speech recognition.

Not only that, having both USB-C and 3.5mm inputs will give users flexibility in terms of audio peripherals to use, with USB-C alone giving it a major futureproofing potential.

The Huawei nova 3 smartphone has a battery capacity of 3,750 mAh, which results in long-lasting battery life when you pair it with its Kirin 970 chipset. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Kirin 970 chipset is produced via an advanced TSMC 10nm process technology, which integrates 5.5 billion transistors in an area about the size of a fingernail. This gives it the necessary energy efficiency level that guarantees long battery life even when it comes to gaming while also providing flagship-level performance.

The Huawei nova 3 smartphone is available in Malaysia with a configuration of 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage, and is available in four different colours; Black, Red, Iris Purple, and Primrose Gold. It is currently retailing for RM1,699 and every purchase will come with a couple of free gifts; the Nova VIP Card and the Huawei X Christmas Canvas Bag.

Viu subscribers will be eligible for an exclusive RM450 discount on the device. If you plan on purchasing one for yourself or for your loved ones, either click right here or the button right below here:

Buy the Huawei nova 3

Disclaimer: This article is an exclusive article for Huawei Malaysia.

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