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Get the iPhone SE at RM58 per month with U Mobile!

Get the iPhone SE at RM58 per month with U Mobile!

by Vyncent ChanMay 14, 2016
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For Apple fans waiting to get their hands on the iPhone SE, U Mobile is offering an attractive U MicroCredit financing plan for you to get your iPhone SE 16GB simply with RM58 monthly payments for 36 months.

U Mobile iPhone SE

Instead of the usual interest rate of 1.5%, U Mobile is offering a special 0.7% interest rate for customers who get the iPhone SE 16GB with U MicroCredit.

Customers can also opt to purchase the iPhone SE at a subsidised rate through U Package for as low as RM705. U Package consists of an interest free instalment plan as well as monthly rates for data and voice offered by the iPlan, all at one price and this will be over a period of 24 months. For more details, go to U Mobile’s page for the iPhone SE bundle.


Pokdepinion: The U MicroCredit financing plan seems rather interesting as it definitely reduces the burden of getting a new phone outright.


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