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Google Assistant is still the best smartphone digital assistant — trounces Siri, Cortana and Alexa

Google Assistant is still the best smartphone digital assistant — trounces Siri, Cortana and Alexa

by Vyncent ChanJuly 27, 2018
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Artificial intelligence is now the new buzzword in tech, and like all buzzwords, it is often misappropriated. But one true application of AI are the voice assistants we are using. There are currently four major voice assistants out there right now, Google Asssistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. And apparently Google’s digital assistant works best.

Loup asked the digital assistants 800 questions, scoring them based on whether the digital assistants understood the questions and also if the responses were correct. The questions were divided into five categories as follows:

  • Local – Where is the nearest coffee shop?
  • Commerce – Can you order me more paper towels?
  • Navigation – How do I get to uptown on the bus?
  • Information – Who do the Twins play tonight?
  • Command – Remind me to call Steve at 2pm today.

Google Assistant, the leader of the pack, understood all 800 questions and answered 86% of them correctly. Cortana which is currently the worse, misunderstood 19 questions and only answered 52% of the questions correctly. Loup highlighted the fact that misunderstood questions usually involved names.

A major caveat of this study is that Cortana and Alexa were run as iOS apps, while Siri and Google Assistant were run natively on their respective OSes. That would probably skew the results in favor of Google Assistant and Siri, especially in the Command category.

Which voice assistant do you use?

Pokdepinion: I do use Google Assistant on a daily basis, from simple tasks like setting my alarm to navigating to my saved locations. I wonder how will the brand-specific voice assistants popping up on Android fare though

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