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Google Pixel 3a might come with a Snapdragon 665

Google Pixel 3a might come with a Snapdragon 665

by Vyncent ChanApril 30, 2019
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A leaked Geekbench score of the upcoming Google Pixel 3a which is due next week, reveals an interesting bit of information about the device. We now know that it will come with a 4GB RAM variant, will sport a Qualcomm chipset and Android 9 Pie out of the box. Well the latter isn’t surprising but somehow the name of the chipset is just “Qualcomm Qualcomm”.

Google Pixel 3a might come with a Snapdragon 665 19

Looking at the scores, it does seem like the Google Pixel 3a will come with a Snapdragon 665 or Snapdragon 660. I am leaning to the former slightly because of the fact that it is a bit slower than any Snapdragon 660 device I have tested. The Snapdragon 665 does have lower clocks for its CPU cores than the Snapdragon 660, so maybe that’s the reason why. Speculation points to it being the Snapdragon 670, but that chipset should have a single-core score of at least 1800 given that it is the same Kryo 360 cores like the Snapdragon 710.

The upcoming Google Pixel 3a will have a FHD+ screen expected to measure around 5.6″. Given that the launch is in about just a week’s time, all speculations should be answered fairly quickly, either officially at the launch or in upcoming leaks. Stay tuned for more updates!

Pokdepinion: This should be the first Snapdragon 665 smartphone on the market!

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