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HONOR devices are guaranteed to work with Android services by certain resellers

HONOR devices are guaranteed to work with Android services by certain resellers

by Vyncent ChanJuly 10, 2019
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When HUAWEI was running the risk of getting cut off from Android and Google services, Filipino resellers stepped up to offer a full refund if HUAWEI smartphones stop working with Android apps. DirectD was the first to follow suit in Malaysia, followed by a number of other resellers and distributors. Now, DirectD and Access Mobile are offering the same kind of full refund policy, but for HONOR smartphones.

I personally find it very unnecessary at this point in time, especially after Trump has withdrawn his ban on US companies selling to HUAWEI. It’s really just offering a guarantee protecting against something that has a really minute chance of happening. In any case, HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones should run Android and use Google services with no problems at least in the forseeable future.

Back then, when things were much more uncertain, it would have made a lot more sense. If these resellers were truly ready to put their money where their mouth was, they would have backed HONOR devices with such a guarantee even before Trump decided it was OK for HUAWEI to continue dealing with US companies.

But if you do think that you need some extra reassurance just in case Trump pulls off yet another epic U-Turn, you can consider getting them from these resellers.

Pokdepinion: Since the freebies and prices are usually standardized across resellers, getting your next HONOR smartphone from them isn’t such a bad idea.

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