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HUAWEI falls out of SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance and JEDEC

HUAWEI falls out of SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance and JEDEC

by Vyncent ChanMay 25, 2019
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HUAWEI’s problems has just increased, with its membership in three major industry consortiums either temporarily suspended or revoked. With that said, this bears little weight on HUAWEI’s immediate future, although it might affect future devices when there are new standards released by either the SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance or JEDEC.

The SD Association has removed HUAWEI from their member list, but HUAWEI is already developing their own NM Cards to expand storage on their own devices with a smaller footprint than a microSD card. It does mean that their upcoming devices can’t feature a microSD slot officially though, but their existing devices will work any microSD just fine.

Meanwhile, HUAWEI has also lost a say in the development of new wireless technologies as they are now restricted from participating in Wi-Fi Alliance activities. They can still produce phones with Wi-Fi capabilities, but they won’t have a say in upcoming Wi-Fi technologies, and potentially lose access to next-gen Wi-Fi standards.

Will we not see cutting edge WiFi speeds on HUAWEI phones anymore?

In an interesting turn of events, HUAWEI has reportedly withdrawn themselves from JEDEC too. JEDEC sets standards for semiconductors, but the most commonly known standard for consumers should be the JEDEC memory standards. JEDEC adopts open industry standards, so HUAWEI should still be able to follow JEDEC standards, but like the case with the Wi-Fi Alliance, HUAWEI won’t be able to contribute to future JEDEC standards and developments.

US President Donald Trump has openly mentioned that he is open to trade talks with China, and that HUAWEI may be a part of the trade deals discussed. A possible end is in sight for this fiasco, but probably one that’s not in HUAWEI’s favor.

Pokdepinion: I am just waiting for all of this to blow over…

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