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HUAWEI sold 3X as many phones as Apple during 2018

HUAWEI sold 3X as many phones as Apple during 2018

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 17, 2019
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While our friends in Western countries are unable to experience the latest HUAWEI smartphones, they are making waves all over the world.  As they grow from strength to strength, their success in their homeland is probably the most remarkable though, as they managed to outsell Apple by nearly three times in China.

Apple saw a measly 9% market share in 2018, while HUAWEI scored 27% market share of the market share. That translate to 105 million shipments in China alone, which is a truly impressive figure. This is despite the fact that the total smartphone shipments in China has dropped by 14%.

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Analysts have linked this growth spurt to patriotism, as Chinese consumers opt for their homegrown brand over Apple. This sentiment has probably intensified as Western countries moved to ban HUAWEI’s products recently. There’s also the fact that HUAWEI’s products cover a much wider price range than Apple’s.

HUAWEI is set to challenge Samsung as the world’s top smartphone manufacturer as they roll out their flagship HUAWEI P30 series and other devices later this year. Given that HUAWEI has been charting nothing but positive growth while Samsung seems to be locked in a gradual decline, it seems like it will be just be a matter of time before HUAWEI becomes the top smartphone brand in the world.

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Pokdepinion: Well it is high time for a new market leader, don’t you think?

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