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iPhones no longer a status symbol of the well-heeled?

iPhones no longer a status symbol of the well-heeled?

by Vyncent ChanNovember 23, 2018
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iPhone users are often thought to be doing pretty well financially. Well, that’s because iPhones are still the most expensive smartphones you can get in the market. But apparently according to MobData’s survey, iPhone users in China aren’t actually that well off.

Most iPhone users are earning pretty low incomes of around 3000 yuan (~RM1812), and are predominantly female. They are also mostly young adults, aged between 18 – 24. Probably that’s why they make such bad life decisions, eh? The average education level is also lower, and consequently do not make the cut for professional work.

On the flip side of the coin, HUAWEI and Xiaomi users in China earn more than the iPhone users. Is this something like how billionaires don’t use designer brands while the working class spend their paychecks on expensive goods that they can’t afford?

According to MobData’s data (yep I just had to say that), HUAWEI users are generally high earning professionals aged between 25 to 34, earning between 5000 to 20 000 yuan (~RM3000 – RM12 000), while Xiaomi users earn between 5000 to 10 000 yuan (~RM3000 – RM6000). While it seems like the rich prefer cheaper smartphones, the most popular smartphone in China is still the iPhone.

What do you think of MobData’s report? Does it match what’s happening in your circle of friends? Let us know!

Pokdepinion: Well it is because of the assumption “iPhone users are rich” that I am pissed off if they tell me they are out of data. I guess I have to be more compassionate to them after this.

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