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New ASUS ZenFone To Come With A Pop-up Camera?

New ASUS ZenFone To Come With A Pop-up Camera?

by Raja IdrisDecember 24, 2018
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According to reports, ASUS has patented new designs for their smartphones where they might come with a pop-up camera.


Back in August, ASUS filed in several design patents with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, or simply EUIPO. Just recently on the 22nd of December, those patents was revealed, and they showcase the designs that ASUS might use for their future smartphones.

Though a pop-up camera isn’t new to the market, it will be interesting if ASUS does indeed come up with it in their future ZenFone which offers a true full screen experience.

It seems that the company has three different options in mind, with different sizes of the pop up camera.

Now the pop up camera isn’t the only design that they are pondering on. They might even opt for the camera hole in display design, which looks like to be the trend with both HUAWEI and Samsung opting for it in their upcoming devices.

The company is expected to announce the ZenFone 6 family at next year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is around February. We will find out more once we’re closer to that date. Till then, watch this space.

Pokdepinion: Of the two, I would rather have the pop up camera. I don’t know, the thought of seeing a hole in the display just bothers me. Well maybe that’s just me. 

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