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OPPO packs 5x zoom capabilities into a 5.7mm thin module

OPPO packs 5x zoom capabilities into a 5.7mm thin module

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 28, 2017
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OPPO did not actually reveal a new smartphone packing the 5x zoom feature they teased back then, but in fact they unveiled their latest “5x Dual-Camera Zoom”, combining a zoom lens set in a periscope-like arrangement with a wide angle lens. OPPO offers a revolutionary 5x lossless zoom capability, way more than the 2x zoom functionality commonly available in the market today.

OPPO are actually not the first to design a periscope-style structure to facilitate zooming in thinner smartphones, as the ASUS ZenFone Zoom already featured that technology last year. However OPPO are the first to innovate upon the technology by adding a wide-angle lens, making them the first to feature a 5x Dual Camera Zoom. OPPO claims to have filed more than 50 patents for this technology.

By altering the angle of the light entering the optics, OPPO managed to cram 3x optical zoom into the “5x Dual Camera” module which measures a mere 5.7mm thick. Yes, the 5x optical zoom is a combination of 3x optical zooming with a proprietary image fusion technology for digital zoom, resulting in the industry’s first lossless 5x dual camera zoom.

Taking photos at telephotos will really amplify any camera shake you induce, and thankfully the OPPO 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology features OIS applied to the telephoto lens. The prism and lenses compensate for any vibrations in real time, with up to 40% better performance when compared to previous generations.

OPPO is proud of their breakthrough by bringing the 5x Dual-Camera Zoom to the industry, and believes that they have set a new standard which will be followed by others. Meanwhile, there seems to be no news of a smartphone with the technology, yet.

Pokdepinion: It really seems interesting, but I wonder how’s the aperture like for the telephoto lens across the zoom range. 

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