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Pixel 4 face retouching AI developed with the aid of pro wedding photographers

Pixel 4 face retouching AI developed with the aid of pro wedding photographers

by Vyncent ChanNovember 12, 2019
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The Pixel series touts impressive computational photography which lets it one up the competition even when touting older camera hardware. That’s why “GCam” is so popular among users interested to make the most of their smartphone cameras. With that said, the Pixel 4‘s AI processing is actually trained by professional wedding photographers to deliver better portrait shots.

As we may all very well know, smartphones that offer a “Portrait mode” are a dime a dozen. However many of them bungle up your face rather than enhance it. Either by over-smoothening your skin or by entirely changing the geometry of your face, a lot of brands has failed to get it right. That’s why Google worked with wedding photographers to build the face retouching feature on the Pixel 4.

Wedding photographers trained the Pixel 4’s AI to not overdo it when making faces thinner, lips larger and noses smaller while also ensuring that the subject looks better after activating the feature.

The feature has apparently triggered Brett Day at The Phoblographer enough that he believes it will hurt industry. What do you think? Will smartphone photography backed by AI one day surpass real photographers with real cameras?

Pokdepinion: If smartphone photography advances to such a level… Wouldn’t it be good for photographers to start using smartphones instead?

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