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Samsung acquires Corephotonics to up their camera game?

Samsung acquires Corephotonics to up their camera game?

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 30, 2019
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OPPO has recently teased a 10x lossless zoom camera system that they will apparently be showcasing at MWC 2019. Well for OPPO, that may or may not enter a production device, as they have shown off their 5x lossless zoom camera a few years back which never made it to any device. But I digress. The 10x lossless zoom camera was designed by Corephotonics, a smartphone camera technology developer which Samsung has now acquired.

Swapping between f/1.5 and f/2.4. Probably the first smartphone to have dual aperture

Samsung has always been pretty innovative with their cameras. They brought about dual-aperture camera setups, which was also implemented by OPPO later last year. The move to buy Corephotonics is only proof that they aren’t ready to rest on their laurels.

The Israeli company was previously involved in a lawsuit against Apple, which had allegedly infringed on Corephotonics patents involving dual-camera systems. They do not manufacture the camera systems, but rather only designs them for smartphone manufacturers to license and use in their products.

Image source: Forbes

Samsung will probably introduce some fancy new camera technology with the Galaxy S10, which marks the 10th generation of the Samsung Galaxy S family. Worth noting that Samsung was already one of the main investors in Corephotonics previously, so having the latest technologies from Corephotonics in the upcoming Galaxy S10 is very possible.

What would you like to see from Samsung this year?

Pokdepinion: Well personally, a wide-angle camera and a good 48MP sensor for lossless zooming sounds great to me…

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