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Samsung Folding Phone Galaxy F Confirmed By CEO

Samsung Folding Phone Galaxy F Confirmed By CEO

by Raja IdrisAugust 20, 2018
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Apparently all the rumors of Samsung are in the works of producing a foldable phone is real as it was confirmed by Samsung’s very own CEO, DJ Koh.

Samsung Galaxy F Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy F render by NIEUWEMOBIEL

The Samsung CEO has said that they are not just producing a device that can fold but also to mark it as a game-changing feature to the smartphone market.

Koh mentioned that Samsung is “focusing on developing innovations that will be genuinely accepted and liked by consumers”. The company has also accepted that other smartphone brands are also competing with them on who will be the one to come out with the feature first and claim to be the ‘world’s first’.

In addition to that, Koh added that the Galaxy F concept is not a one-off thing. This means that they will continue to innovate the feature with the Galaxy F being the benchmark for foldable smartphones.

Availability and release date of the device is yet to be confirmed but we will learn more as more information comes out from the company. Until then, watch this space to learn more on the Samsung Galaxy F.


Pokdepinion: If this really comes out, well I’ll say “that’s really innovative of them”.. but then again, I don’t think I’d be attracted to a phone just because you can fold it. What do you think? Would you get it just for that feature? Let us know in the comments down below as usual.

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