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Samsung Galaxy Note10 may come with all-new S Pen and a 3D ToF camera

Samsung Galaxy Note10 may come with all-new S Pen and a 3D ToF camera

by Vyncent ChanMarch 25, 2019
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The dust may just be settling around the Samsung Galaxy S10, but we are sure there are plenty who are already peering into the future to sneak a glimpse at the Samsung Galaxy Note10. Those who are holding out for the Galaxy Note10 might be in for a treat though, as Samsung does look set to add a number of new features to the upcoming flagship.

We would recommend taking this leak with a healthy dose of sodium chloride though, as Samsung has traditionally introduced their new camera technologies with the Samsung Galaxy S series rather than the Samsung Galaxy Note series. They might be adding a fourth camera to the back of the Samsung Galaxy Note10, with a 3D ToF being the newest member to be featured on the backs of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Given that the HUAWEI P30 series is expected to feature a quad-camera setup and a 3D ToF camera, Samsung’s move to add a 3D ToF camera to its back might seem an appropriate response. It is however worth noting that 3D ToF cameras don’t exactly have that many features taking advantage of the technology. Hopefully with the two big dogs in the industry adding it to their flagships, we may see more practical features that make use of the 3D ToF sensor.

Samsung’s patent for the S Pen with a camera inside.

The rumor goes on to share that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will come with the same cameras that the Samsung Galaxy S10 feature. The other features that might make it to the Samsung Galaxy Note10 include 5G network support and of course, the much-rumored S Pen with a selfie camera embedded into it. But of course, there are just as many rumors floating around with the Galaxy Note10 sporting an Infinity-O display…

Pokdepinion: We are still months away from the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and these leaks are already rolling in!

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