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Samsung Galaxy Note10 concept render shows a popup selfie camera — but not like you have ever seen before

Samsung Galaxy Note10 concept render shows a popup selfie camera — but not like you have ever seen before

by Vyncent ChanMarch 12, 2019
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Samsung is obviously pushing for a higher screen-to-body ratio. They did reveal a New Infinity design way back in November along with their other notchy designs, but so far we have yet to see a device touting such a design. If this Galaxy Note10 concept render turn out to be true, it may very well be the first device to feature the New Infinity display.

No bezels, holes in screen or notches is expected to mar the New Infinity design of the Samsung Galaxy Note10. The upcoming flagship is rendered with a front camera located on the S Pen. Do note that Samsung has actually filed a patent detailing how they want to put a camera on the S Pen, so it may actually be one of the best features on the Samsung Galaxy Note10.

Considering they added Bluetooth capabilities to the Note9‘s S Pen, adding more features like a camera to the Galaxy Note10’s S Pen does seem like something that isn’t too difficult to imagine. Whether it can keep up with the Galaxy S10’s selfie camera would be up for debate though, given the limited space constraints.

The rest of the rumored specifications all seem pretty plausible for an upcoming flagship from Samsung. More RAM, more storage, 5G, the works. The concept also details a quad rear camera which does seem pretty pointless now since Samsung already has the holy trinity of a standard angle, wide angle and a telephoto camera.

What do you think? Might Samsung actually pull it off?

Pokdepinion: Opting for a periscopic camera might be the way here, but if Samsung does do it, the S Pen should be quite substantially heavier and larger, which might degrade the user experience of the S Pen… But then again, I am no engineer.

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