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Samsung SDI is ready for solid-state batteries soon; better safety sans liquid electrolytes

Samsung SDI is ready for solid-state batteries soon; better safety sans liquid electrolytes

by Vyncent ChanJuly 1, 2017
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Let’s face it. The lithium ion batteries in your smartphones are pretty dangerous. Replacing the liquid electrolytes inside those batteries for solid electrolytes will offer much better safety profiles. Samsung SDI claims that they have matured the technology enough to produce solid-state batteries in one to two years’ time.

Samsung will be very interested to improve their batteries after the Note 7 fiasco which cost them billions, so the development of these solid-state batteries might even be accelerated to bring this technology to the market sooner. Samsung isn’t the only one in the game though, with LG Chem purportedly also having a similar level of battery technology, which means that they might start producing their solid-state batteries around the same time.

Solid-state batteries have applications beyond smartphones and consumer devices, with it also set to make its way into electric vehicles. However plans for the expansion into automobiles is set for a little later, as more stringent safety checks must be done beforehand. It might take until 2025 before we see solid-state batteries in electric cars.

It still remains to be seen if solid-state batteries can keep up with the progress made in fast charging, battery capacity and charge density, but until then, here’s to safer batteries!

Source: The Korea Herald

Pokdepinion: The current batteries with liquid electrolytes are indeed quite dangerous and any technology that improves the safety is very welcome.

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