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Samsung’s market share in North America increases as overall smartphone shipments drop

Samsung’s market share in North America increases as overall smartphone shipments drop

by Vyncent ChanMay 10, 2019
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Smartphone shipments are dropping globally, and the North American market sees no different. The region’s total smartphone shipments has dropped by -18% year on year this year, and while brands like LG and Apple suffer, not every brand is having a bad time. Samsung, Lenovo and surprisingly TCL sees growth despite dropping smartphone shipments.

Samsung managed to eke out 3% more shipments last quarter than in Q1 2018, but sees a massive 6.1% increase in market share in the same period. This is at the expensive of smaller brands that have a much harder time competing against big name brands like Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e are the main contributors behind Samsung’s growth, with each of them making up 6% of the total North American smartphone shipments in Q1 2019. That equates to more than 4.3 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e shipped in total, which is really impressive. The iPhone XR is still king though, with a 13% grip on the total smartphone shipments last quarter.

Sales for HUAWEI Smartphones Surge by 50% in Q1 2019

It’s worth noting that HUAWEI is banned in Canada and the US, which might also have been a factor in Samsung’s dominance in the North American market. HUAWEI has been experiencing meteoric growth globally, with a 50% increase in shipments in Q1 2019 and captured a whopping 19% market share.

It’s still undeniable that Samsung has packed the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a slew of innovative features. It has one of the best displays in the market yet, top-notch video and photography capabilities. It’s definitely a lot more than what the competition (at least what’s available in the North American market) has brought to the market.

Pokdepinion: Usually Samsung’s Note series do better than the Galaxy S series, so let’s wait for Q4 2019 results!

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