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Sony teases “Made for Bond” smartphone

Sony teases “Made for Bond” smartphone

by Vyncent ChanJuly 25, 2015
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While we have just received official details about the Sony Xperia Z3+ being available for preorder in Malaysia for RM2599, it seems Sony is already starting to tease us about another card up its sleeve.

Made for Bond

While no official details are provided besides the “Made for Bond” tagline and Xperia _5 as in the image above, it will most probably be a flagship phone as befits the world’s most charming spy, thus we will take the liberty to assume it will be the Xperia Z5. Rumors point to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 under the hood along with a long overdue upgrade to the camera, in the form of a new Sony IMX230 sensor. We also expect to see a new take on their OmniBalance design language if it is a new member of the Z series.

As the new Bond movie Spectre is set to be released in the US on November 6, those looking for a new waterproof smartphone may want to hold on to their wallets for a while longer.




Pokdepinion: I thought Sony decided not to follow the 6-month product cycle anymore? It better be an ace up Sony’s sleeve or it will be seeing even great losses this year. I have always like Sony’s design language, but the cameras in them has never impressed me, with the rumored upgrade for the camera, it should be a lot more appealing though. One more thing, any Sony users among our readers? How do you find Sony’s habit of  releasing a successor to their flagship every 6 months, rendering the one in your hands outdated? Leave us a comment!

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