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Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 get the One UI update?

Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 get the One UI update?

by Vyncent ChanNovember 16, 2018
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Well, after we published news of Samsung abandoning their older flagships, we actually saw several international news sites reporting that Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 will be receiving the One UI update too. That’s in stark contrast to the confirmation provided to Tom’s Guide (which has since updated their article too). So we reached out to representatives from Samsung Malaysia regarding the issue.

Apparently, there is no official statement from Samsung, and all the information floating around are probably mere hearsay. We do believe that Samsung wouldn’t abandon their 2017 flagships so quickly, considering that it would probably be easier to just offer One UI to them too. However there is always the off chance that Samsung might just say that the older hardware cannot support the experience which One UI is designed to deliver. Or something like that.

On the bright side, the representative from Samsung Malaysia we reached out to did assure us that they will offer a solid confirmation by early next year. So for those of you still using the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8, keep your fingers crossed. The new UI looks absolutely amazing, and it would really suck if you guys get left out.

Pokdepinion: So now that this entire situation is in a state of limbo, we can only hope that the update does include yesteryear’s flagships. When it will arrive is a whole different matter together though.

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