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LG E6 4K OLED TV —First Impressions

LG E6 4K OLED TV —First Impressions

by Muhammad FirdausSeptember 21, 2016
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At CES 2016, LG introduced its all new 4K HDR-enabled OLED TVs. In August, LG Malaysia invited us to give us the exclusive chance to experience LG’s premium technologies like OLED panels, 4K resolution and high dynamic range, all of which are featured in the LG E6 OLED 4K TV. Mr Bhahurudeen Ali Ahmed, senior executive of LG Malaysia, was with us to give us a briefing about the LG E6 65-inch OLED 4K HDR-enabled TV features.


The LG E6 is among the first TVs from LG to implement the company’s unique Picture-on-Glass design, featuring ultra-thin 2.57mm OLED panels with translucent glass backs. This unique form factor can only be realized with OLED technology. By focusing on TV technologies directly related to picture, LG E6 represent a whole new level of home entertainment innovation.



Unlike other display panel technologies, each individual pixel on an OLED panel can switch on and off independently. As a result, OLED TVs render crisp, vibrant colours and amazing shadow details, even when bright objects are directly next to deep, dark areas. This ability ensures that images are displayed in perfect black as well as in vibrant colours, making OLED TVs the ideal medium for HDR content. Below is the comparison in picture between the LG E6 and last generation LG 4K TV.


With a 10-bit panel and 10-bit processing power, the LG E6 is capable of displaying more than a billion colors, and coupled with the ColorPrime Pro technology, it can show even the finest details of color and gradation. In the sound department, the LG E6 feature a front-firing sound bar speaker system powered by harman/kardon, specialists in audio equipment. LG promised audio with the best detail without any distortion and reflection to further enhance your viewing experience.


With two 3D glasses included, you can enjoy the exceptional viewing experience. The LG E6 comes with several 3D modes to try and we can say it totally blew our minds.


Last but not least, the latest iteration of LG’s webOS 3.0 provides an exceptional user experience to help LG SMART TV users navigate the TV’s many features more intuitively compared to the previous software version. The software isn’t the only thing that received an upgrade though. The remote control also received an upgrade to make it even more user friendly.




Incredible experience

The O in OLED stands for “organic”. The technology involves thin organic material films between two conductors in each LED which can produce light when a current is applied. Interesting about this OLED is the pixel can be turned on and off individually. When the pixel turns off it will allow for a deep blacks and high contrast ratio, thus producing the crispest picture you can imagine.


You may find OLED displays used in smartphone but I bet you never experienced it on a bigger display, say, a 65-inch TV. My viewing experience with the LG E6 was the best I ever had. The color production is truly stunning. Way better than the TV we currently have in the office, hands down. It really isn’t just simply marketing gimmicks when LG highlighted the picture quality of their latest TVs. With HDR enabled, the picture was really visibly better. With each pixel having the capability of being totally off, the blacks are really deep, making for a mind-blowing viewing experience.


The Harman Kardon audio is one another factor why this TV is great. I have experienced the results of the audio company’s partnership with ASUS, in the Zenbook 3 and Zenbook Flip, and the audio quality was excellent on those two devices. For me Harmon Kardon has done yet another great job at delivering the best audio with its new technology. The audio produced by the front sound is already sufficient for immersive surround sound. We watched a few music videos, and of course took the opportunity to test out its performance at rendering gun shots and explosions by watching Battlefield 1 gameplay on YouTube.


Combining vivid picture quality with excellent audio gave me what is one of the best viewing experience I ever had. Watching the colorful Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend music video, and 4K war footage in Battlefield 1 is something we cannot forget.

As you know the Battlefield 1 is an intense game that needs a frame rate of over 60 to enjoy it. As the LG E6 comes with four HDMI 2.0a inputs with support for Ultra HD 4K 50/60p, Battlefield 1 gameplay is not a problem at all for the LG E6. We did not stop there, as we put on the 3D glasses and it was a new experience for us. The explosions, bullet traces, all felt extra-real and the most incredible moment was when the Zeppelin crashed. The realism was incredible.



Other than PC, the latest PlayStation 4 Pro console which is capable of 4K at 30 FPS and HDR-enabled content, will also be able to take advantage of this TV. Software wise, the LG E6 is bundled with webOS 3.0, this new iteration of LG’s software brings a lot of improvements and new features over the previous version. We compared the webOS 2.0 and the latest software ourselves, and the new one is definitely way more responsive and intuitive. One of the features that I really like is Magic Zoom, as it allows you to select an area of the display and zoom in up to 300%. You can even take a screen capture of your zoomed in view!


The revised version of the LG Magic remote which is now in black and silver is very well made, comfortable to hold and looks premium. Controlling the user interface was seamless and the pointer function is highly effective and precise. The E6 has built-in wireless capability, WiFi 802.11 ac, no less. It doesn’t end there though, as it also supports WiDi and Bluetooth. This would be even better to pair with the Logitech K780 that we have just reviewed reviewed recently. It’s okay if your home network doesn’t support the AC standard yet as the LG E6 also has an Ethernet port for a wired connection.


The LG E6 gave us a jaw dropping viewing experience and we all witnessed a moment of silence when we checked our wallets and bank balance. Cutting edge technology never comes cheap, but it is surely worth every sen you spend on it. The LG E6 65-inch TV has been available since June 2016 with a whopping price tag of RM 32,999.00. If you ask me who is crazy enough to buy this smart TV, let me answer you with another question. Why not? Especially when there are people who are willing to pay over RM 6000 just for a 256GB smartphone, and one which doesn’t even come with an audio jack at that. There are always people who want the latest technology for the best experience money can buy, and those are the people LG are targeting with this amazing TV.

With the massive price tag, we understand why we didn’t get the chance to bring it back to our office. We will simmer in our own cold sweat if something happened to the TV. LG E6 truly proved to me what OLED displays are capable of, and it was truly an amazing piece of technology. That said, I will just have to wait until the technology becomes more affordable to own. We would like to thank LG Malaysia for inviting us to this experiential session that left us mind blown.

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