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Acer OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality Headset Now Available In Malaysia At RM1899

Acer OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality Headset Now Available In Malaysia At RM1899

by Raja IdrisFebruary 26, 2019
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Acer Malaysia has revealed today the new Acer OJO 500 WMR headset is already here in the country. The headset comes with a one-of-a-kind detachable design that gives flexibility, comfort, and hygiene for both consumers and businesses.

With the Acer OJO 500, you can detach the lens along with the choice of hard or washable soft head strap that comes with extra large padding for additional comfort, while guiding the lens to the correct position.

The detachable design allows the lens and head strap to be removed individually, making life easy to store and clean them. This is especially useful if the headset is used in a shared environment such as in a cyber cafe that offers virtual reality (VR) gameplay.

It is also the first VR headset to offer an integrated “sound pipe” and a smartphone app to measure pupil distance. The clarity of images is accorded by a built-in interpupillary distance (IPD) wheel and a patented smart phone app to measure IPD distance.

Additionally, the patented integrated audio system that directs sound from the built-in speakers towards the user’s ears. This means that you can fully utilize it without the need of earphones/headphones. The headset comes with two Bluetooth enabled motion controllers that sync with the headset.

The Acer OJO 500 retails at a RM1,899 price tag and you can get it at the official Acer online store or at Rextech, which is located in Puchong.

Pokdepinion: The OJO 500 definitely looks like an upgrade from the previous Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset! If you’d like to learn more on, you can check out the review by clicking right here

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