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Oculus Quest Unveiled — Coming In Spring 2019

Oculus Quest Unveiled — Coming In Spring 2019

by Raja IdrisSeptember 27, 2018
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The Oculus Quest was unveiled by Facebook themselves and will be available in the market in spring of 2019 at $399 USD.

Oculus Quest

Introduced at Oculus Connect 5, the Oculus Quest is their first all-in-one VR system with six degrees that lets you look around in any direction and walk with freedom. This means that the Quest needs no need for room sensors, saving space in your play area as well. The company have said that you will be able to wander around 4000 square feet of space while using the headset.

The Oculus Quest comes with Touch controllers, just so that you can interact with people and objects in a more natural way. They’ll have more than 50+ games available at launch such as Rift like Robo Recall, Moss, The Climb, and with more coming soon.

In terms of optics, the Quest has the same display resolution as the Oculus Go of 1600 by 1400 per eye. Oculus’ vice president has said that the Oculus Quest is a combination of the capabilities of the Rift as well as the portability of Oculus GO.

The standalone VR headset boasts the same quality experience as the Oculus Rift but without the wires, comes with a $399 (around RM1652) price tag and has 64GB of storage.

Pokdepinion: That’s pretty smart of them. Combine the best feature of the Oculus Go and Rift to create the Oculus Quest. On a side note, I’m not really a VR kind of person. Playing too long on them will make me feel dizzy. What do you think of the price? Would you buy the Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comment section down below.


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