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Mi Band 4 To Come With Bluetooth 5.0 And Colored Display

Mi Band 4 To Come With Bluetooth 5.0 And Colored Display

by Raja IdrisMay 21, 2019
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When it comes to wearable makers, Xiaomi is only behind Apple in the world in terms of the biggest. With the latest Mi Band 4 set to come soon, there appears to be leaks on what the new product will offer.

According to the leak, it will remove the outdated black and white display (monochrome) and will freshen things up with a colored screen that comes with a new UI. To cope with the display, it is said that the Mi Band 4 will offer a bigger 125mAh battery, an increase from the previous Mi Band 3’s 110mAh capacity.

Aside from that, it will come with Bluetooth 5.0 connection for better connectivity as well as giving better battery efficiency and greater range. It is said that there will be two variants of the Mi Band 4 where one will come with NFC and the other without it.

Leaks has also suggest that the Mi Band 4 will offer support for Xiaomi’s very own assistant, Xiao AI, which was introduced last year. There’s yet to be an official price or date when Xiaomi will look to release the Mi Band 4. Until then, stay tuned to for more news on the Mi Band 4 (and more!).

Pokdepinion: Looks promising. Can’t wait to learn on its pricing and more! Hopefully it’ll make its way here to Malaysia too..

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