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Pokde Picks: 5 Awesome Games to Look Out For in March 2018

Pokde Picks: 5 Awesome Games to Look Out For in March 2018

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 14, 2018
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Not sure what games to buy in March 2018? Check out our Pokde Picks list of games that you should be looking out for, because these games are gonna worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

Pokde Picks: 5 Awesome Games to Look Out For in March 2018

The prosperous month of February has come and gone in a flash and it seems like 2018 is moving forward rather quickly. One particular upside to this is that gamers can look forward to getting their hands on a bunch of new games. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Pokde Picks, 5 awesome games to look out for this March 2018.

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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Pokde Picks: 5 Awesome Games to Look Out For in March 2018

The sequel to the fairy tale-based role-playing game, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom takes place hundreds of years after the events of Wrath of the White Witch, which features the cat and mouse tribes, two warring factions in the town of Ding Dong Dell. During the events of the game, the mouse tribe performed a coup d’état, taking control of the kingdom.

Players follow the story of Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, a young king of the cat tribe, who is usurped from his castle and sets out to reclaim his kingdom. He is aided by Roland, a visitor from another world, and Tani, the daughter of the boss of air pirates. However doing so with only a few people is a mission destined for failure and thus, he seeks a means of doing just that in his adventure.

Fun fact, while the game has retained the familiar visuals, Level-5 did not collaborate with Studio Ghibli for this game. However, former Studio Ghibli character designer Yoshiyuki Momose and music composer Joe Hisaishi, both of whom worked on the previous installment, have reprised their roles in this sequel. This is mostly likely why it retains the Studio Ghibli feel.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on March 23rd 2018.

Kirby Star Allies

Pokde Picks: 5 Awesome Games to Look Out For in March 2018

When it comes to Nintendo consoles, you just can’t have one without a proper Kirby game, and that’s what we’re going to have. Kirby Star Allies is a platformer featuring one of Nintendo’s most beloved mascots of all time, Kirby.

While not much is still known about the game, Kirby Star Allies can be played with up to 4 players, with Kirby capable of throwing hearts at enemies to convert them into his allies. With companion characters on screen, Kirby will have access to new special attacks which involves it combining his abilities with said allies. There is also the new ‘Friend Abilities’ feature, which are stage-specific abilities and allow you interact with the environment in a unique way.

Fun fact, Kirby Star Allies was first teased back in E3 2017 which took place in Los Angeles, California. The game only had the name “Kirby” on it until it was announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation later in the year as Kirby of the Stars: Star Allies in Japan and Kirby Star Allies in English regions.

Kirby Star Allies will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch on March 16th 2018.

Super Robot Wars X

Pokde Picks: 5 Awesome Games to Look Out For in March 2018

The latest mainline entry to Bandai Namco’s crossover mecha strategy game, Super Robot Wars X features a number of mecha anime including those which we have not seen in the Super Robot Wars series in a long time, including Aura Battler Dunbine and Gundam F91.

Unlike most Super Robot Wars games which take place in fictional Earth, Super Robot Wars X takes place in Fantasy World Al-Warth. According to game producer Takanobu Terada, the reason for this is the inclusion of Mashin Hero Wataru, Buddy Complex, and a number of other anime series in which the plot revolves around an alternate reality Earth. “If we were to include the series, this would be the best method…” said Terada.

Fun fact, while plenty of infamous mecha anime series like Mazinger and Gundam will be making a return in Super Robot Wars X, this is the first console entry to not include the Shin Getter franchise as well as Mazinger Z. On the plus side, the game will continue on the recent tradition of having both English and Japanese versions.

Super Robot Wars X will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on March 29th 2018.

Sea of Thieves

Pokde Picks: 5 Awesome Games to Look Out For in March 2018

Created by the same studio behind Banjo Tooie, Sea of Thieves is a first-person action-adventure game with co-operative multiplayer elements. Players take control of pirates in an open world environment, where there will be plenty of quests, looting, and engaging in combat in both land and on pirate ships.

Players will get to experience every aspect of being a pirate, including navigating the world via pirate ships with each player taking care of every aspect of controlling it, such as navigation, firing cannons, and more. As Sea of Thieves is a shared game world, players will regularly encounter other real players throughout their adventures.

Fun fact, as Sea of Thieves is being developed by Microsoft’s first party developer Rare, it is one of the few game that support the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative. In other words, Sea of Thieves not only support cross-platform play with Xbox One and PC, you can also switch from playing the game on the Xbox One on PC anytime you want by purchasing just a single copy of the game.

Sea of Thieves will be coming to the Xbox One and PC on March 20th 2018.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Pokde Picks: 5 Awesome Games to Look Out For in March 2018

The latest entry in the Valkyria series, Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a tactical role-playing game taking place around the same time as the first Valkyria Chronicles game on the fictional continent of Europa. During the Second Europan War involving the Atlantic Federation and the Eastern Imperial Alliance, the Federation plans to end the war and capture the Imperial capital.

In a last ditch effort to achieve this goal, the Federation commences Operation Northern Cross, which sees  Commander Claude Wallace and his friends in Squad E sent to fight Imperial soldiers and the Valkyria. This game sees another side of the major war that occurred from the original game.

Fun fact, Valkyria Chronicles 4 was designed to appeal more to a worldwide audience unlike the 2nd and 3rd game which was more for the Japanese audience. As such, the game has a more grounded military setting as oppose to the other games which features fantasy-based characters and a school setting instead.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be coming to the PlayStation 4 on March 21st 2018, with a Nintendo Switch release coming later in the year.

And that is all for the Pokde Picks, 5 awesome games to look out for this March 2018.. There’s definitely an interesting variety of games here across all platforms for gamers to enjoy so even if you don’t own every gaming platform there is, there’s certainly something here for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to join us again next month when we announce Pokde Picks April’s list of upcoming games to look out for.

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