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Destiny 2 Beta Opens Tomorrow – Get your guns ready

Destiny 2 Beta Opens Tomorrow – Get your guns ready

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieJuly 18, 2017
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Here the news you’ve been waiting for Destiny fans! Destiny 2’s open beta starts rolling out to gamers tomorrow, 19th of July at 2AM Malaysian time and ends on the 24th of July at 2PM Malaysian time. That means we get a little taste of the highly anticipated online first person shooter for a cool six days. The download size of the Destiny 2 beta will be a sizeable 15.6GB, so make sure you’ve got enough space on your PS4.

Here are some of the things you can expect to play in Destiny 2’s beta:

  • Play Destiny 2’s opening story mission of the cinematic campaign, Homecoming. Here’s where you battle the Cabal’s Red Legion alongside some familiar characters from the first Destiny.
  • Take on the enemy threat in a 3 player Cooperative Strike called The Inverted Spire.
  • Put your competitive multiplayer skills to the test against others in 4v4 matches. There are two modes; Control makes a return here from the first Destiny, and also a mode that comes brand new with Destiny 2 called Countdown. This mode plays kinda like Counter Strike, where you attack and defend with only revives and no respawns.
  • Play alongside your friends or match-make with other Guardians. If you’re really lonely (or find yourself alone because your regular friends are busy) you could just solo this bad boy like a total boss.
  • There are also new sub classes; Downblade for Warlocks, Arcstrider for Hunters and Sentinel for Titans. All available for players to test out during Destiny 2’s beta period.

There’s also a new social platform for Destiny 2 called The Farm. It won’t be available for the most part of the beta period however, it’ll only go live on the last day and for only an hour.

Keep in mind that this is only beta and whatever progress you make during the beta period will not, I repeat will not carry over into the actual released game. You will instead get a special emblem which you can unlock in the full game. For more information, just move along here.

Destiny 2 is due out September 6th this year.

Pokdepinion: The first Destiny didn’t really fly with me back when it came out. I mean the expansions really helped make it an enjoyable ride especially The Taken King. Here’s hoping that Destiny 2 would actually tickle my fancy (because I really want to like this game).

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