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Epic Games is Suing YouTuber for Fortnite Cheats

Epic Games is Suing YouTuber for Fortnite Cheats

by Aiman MaulanaOctober 16, 2018
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Epic Games is Suing YouTuber for Fortnite Cheats

Epic Games is Suing YouTuber for Fortnite Cheats

It certainly isn’t the first time we’re seeing developer Epic Games filing a lawsuit against cheaters in their game, Fortnite. This one in particular however is rather big as the one getting sued is YouTuber Golden Modz (Brandon Lucas) along with his partner Excentric (Colton Conter).

The lawsuit is filed for the use and distribution of cheats, which is a violated of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a breach of agreement and both individuals are considered to have engaged in “tortious interference” by posting videos of them cheating in Fortnite as well as selling cheat tools through their website.

Epic Games has already made their move by requesting YouTube to take down several of those Fortnite videos. YouTuber Golden Modz / Brandon Lucas has claimed to be innocent, citing that he didn’t see his actions as troublesome, and that “other YouTubers” were doing the same.

If Epic Games were to win the lawsuit, it will definitely prove to be a very costly endeavour for both Brandon Lucas and Colton Conter. They will have their profits taken away from them, and also pay for damages and court costs.

Clearly, the studio’s goal here is to discourage cheaters and those profiting off of it by any means. With this particular high-profile case, it will certainly send quite a message to other gamers out there. At the moment, they will be looking to improve their anti-cheat system in the game.

Source: Engadget

Pokdepinion: Playing games with cheats can be fun but only if you’re playing alone. If it’s an online game where you play with a lot of other people, that’s just killing the fun for everyone else. Don’t be a buzzkill and play the game the way you are meant to play it.

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