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Geek Fam scores Acer Predator sponsorship — set to conquer new worlds together

Geek Fam scores Acer Predator sponsorship — set to conquer new worlds together

by Vyncent ChanApril 14, 2018
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Today is the day Acer Malaysia signed on as Geek Fam’s hardware sponsor. Geek Fam is one of Malaysia’s most successful teams which started off in the Dota 2 scene. The team has now expanded into the LoL scene as well, and is rapidly rising through the ranks in Malaysia.

Lim “Sheep” Keat Kuang, co-founder of Geek Fam, said:

We hope to see our partnership with Predator being mutually beneficial, and together, accomplishing our individual goals by being each other’s support pillars. We are thrilled that Predator is onboard with Geek Fam!

Geek Fam was founded in November 2016 by Lim Keat Kuang (Keat) and Joseph Yeoh. Geek Fam recently emerged Champion of the inaugural Asia Pacific Predator League 2018, leaving home ground favorites BOOM.ID to be content with just second place.

Johnson Seet, Acer Malaysia Director of Products and Sales, said of this partnership:

This sponsorship with Geek Fam is another manifestation of our commitment to gamers. We are excited at the prospects of conquering new worlds together with such a successful team.

Geek Fam will be provided with the complete range of Predator devices, from gaming desktops, monitors to laptops. The team can look forward to using top grade gaming products which exceed gamers’ expectations, as they move forward in the gaming scene. All the best, Geek Fam and Predator!

Pokdepinion: Scoring sponsorships are not easy, so congratulations to Geek Fam for impressing Acer Malaysia and landing the sponsorship.

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