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Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions 2018 — bringing gamers together via PUBG

Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions 2018 — bringing gamers together via PUBG

by Vyncent ChanJuly 23, 2018
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One thing about gamers is that we are often more comfortable at home, playing on our own customized gaming setups than mingling around. Cooler Master’s latest event, the Regional Circle of Champions 2018 aims to change that, by inviting gamers from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and India to bring gamers together.

The two-day event kicked off with a Meet & Greet Dinner to let the participating teams get to know each other. You know what they say, knowing the enemy is half the battle won. Just kidding, this is a friendly tournament organized by Cooler Master, with no prize pool. Yup, no cash is involved. That’s the uniqueness of this tournament.

The goal of the Regional Circle of Champions 2018 is to bring gamers from different regions together. By bringing renowned teams from around the world to Battle Arena Malaysia, Cooler Master hopes to draw gamers to come together and make the e-sports scene stronger. Internationally recognized teams sponsored by Cooler Master like The Face Gaming, Malaysia Battlefield Team of Malaysia, and Team nxl> and Female Fighter from Indonesia were invited to spice up the event too.

To bridge the gap between the regions, casters were invited from India, Indonesia and Thailand to reach out to their respective audiences. The casters were Pongsirawit ‘Gakguay’ Sataman (Thailand), Kiran ‘ShaDeSLaYer’ Noojibail and Ishaan ‘Captain Arya’ Arya (India), and Arwanto ‘WawaMania’ Tanumihardja (Indonesia). The Indian casters were casting the main stage along with Ivan “Jinn” See (Malaysia) to let India experience our Malaysian gaming scene.

Six gruelling rounds of PUBG were played, three in Erangel and three in Miramar. Between the games, giveaways. Participants were asked to guess what someone else was saying with the latest MasterPulse MH751 blasting some EDM into their ears. It was not easy, trust me. Another game was to guess the mechanical switches while blindfolded. Winners walked away with cool prizes like the MasterPulse MH752, Cooler Master CK550 and more. This was the just offline giveaways. Online giveaways also ran concurrently on the streams.

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So after so many rounds of PUBG. Who won? It was Team Purple Mood Esports from Thailand! The team worked their way to the top after a rough start, and won themselves a MasterKeys MK750, MasterLiquid ML240R RGB and MasterAccessory RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad each. Our local teams, Silver Wolves and The Face Gaming took second and third place, respectively. But the thing about this event is that everyone leaves a winner. Circle of Champions was never about crowning a champion, but more of a gathering. As Sashank Bhandaru of Cooler Master India puts it, “I am a gamer. We are a community.”

‘This is our first tournament outside of Thailand and we learnt a lot of new tactics from the interaction with teams from India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. You guys are the best!!’ – Team Purple Mood Esports

As you can see, champion or not, everyone got a Chicken Dinner at the end. 😛

What do you think about this kind of events? Would you like to see more of them? Did you drop by Battle Arena last Saturday to mingle with your favorite teams and idols? Let us know!

Thank you Cooler Master Malaysia for making us the official media partners for the Regional Circle of Champions 2018.

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