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Facebook Gaming is Finally Here – Can It Fight Against Twitch and YouTube?

Facebook Gaming is Finally Here – Can It Fight Against Twitch and YouTube?

by Aiman MaulanaJune 26, 2018
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Livestreaming isn’t actually new but now, Facebook is taking action and making gaming livestreams even better with Facebook Gaming. Can it fight Twitch and YouTube?

Facebook Gaming is Finally Here

Facebook Gaming is Finally Here

We’ve heard for a while now that Facebook Gaming will be an actual thing, especially with so many livestreamers already streaming on the popular social media platform. It is expected to fight against the likes of Twitch and YouTube but after it went quiet for a while, many were expecting it to be pushed back.

In a surprising move today, Facebook Gaming has been officially launched and can now be accessed. To check it out, you’ll have to head on to and you will see a page will all the gaming livestreams as well as gaming content creators.

If you are a livestreamer and you want your streams to pop up in this section, all you have to do is set your livestream’s activity to “playing [insert game here]”, and it’ll automatically pop up in the section. This will certainly make it easy for gaming content creators / livestreamers to be discovered on Facebook as viewers will not have to sift through unrelated streams anymore.

Many of you who have already started streaming will know what to do at this point but if you’re wondering how to get things up and running, or if you’re wondering if there’s some sort of extras now that the new feature is here, click right here to head to the Facebook Gaming section for Creators.

The most notable part you’d want to read there is the Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program, which focuses on:

  • Helping gaming creators build more meaningful and more engaged communities on Facebook than anywhere else
  • Increasing discovery and distribution across multiple surfaces, including, Instagram and Oculus
  • Supporting gaming creators with the types of tools they need to make a living streaming games on Facebook
  • Building a platform where creators at every level have the opportunity to thrive

Once again, head over to this page right here to get things started and learn about everything you need on Facebook Gaming.

Pokdepinion: After so long, it’s finally here, and its arrival is rather surprising. There will surely be a change coming, especially for those who are already on Twitch, Facebook, and Mixer.

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