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Google Shares on GDC Announcment for Developers – Sneak Peek Into Game Developers Conference

Google Shares on GDC Announcment for Developers – Sneak Peek Into Game Developers Conference

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 15, 2018
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Google has shared some of their plans to empower game developers at GDC so that they can run a successful business. Here’s a sneak peek into their Game Developers Conference announcement.

Google Shares on GDC Announcment for Developers

Google Shares on GDC Announcment for Developers

Mobile gaming has taken the world by storm and its popularity is said to continue to rise thanks to the advent of mobile eSports. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a competitive game as many of us do enjoy the casual time killer on our smartphones. There are tons of apps available for download and there are millions, if not billions, of users out there always looking around for something new.

By the sheer number of alone, it will be tough to get their apps to reach the right people so how is Google planning to help on that end? Introducing the Universal App Campaigns (UAC). It uses Google’s machine learning technology to find loyal fans across, Google Play, YouTube, and over 3 million sites and apps in the Google Display Network. To date, Google has delivered over 10 billion app installs for developers through ads.

Over the next few months, Google will out a beta for video ads, a new way to reach players on Google Play with sight, sound and motion. These placements help you showcase your game, winning people over as they tap, swipe and scroll to find their next favorite app.

Find your Next Player with Similar Audiences

Google Shares on GDC Announcment for Developers

With a world of games available on mobile, it can be hard to know which people could fall in love with your game. Google helps by analyzing millions of signal combinations in real-time to help you reach the players you care about, like the ones that are likely to beat level 1 or those that are likely to make an in-app purchase.

But there’s more that can be done. Google is now introducing similar audiences for UAC, to help you find people who share similar interests with your best customers, right when they’re interested in games and apps like yours. Imagine you’re a developer with a popular mobile game, and you’re launching a new title.

With similar audiences, you can share your business data with Google to find more players like those playing your current game. By connecting you with more qualified customers, similar audiences can help unlock new opportunities to grow your business. Similar audiences will be available in beta to select advertisers starting in May.

Make Ad Experiences More Valuable with AdMob

Google Shares on GDC Announcment for Developers

Video ads are more than just a canvas for showcasing your games. They can help turn your apps into a revenue-driving machine. Last year alone, in-app video ad impressions grow 1.8x across Google’s networks. But people will abandon even the best apps if the ad experience doesn’t fit the flow of the game or an ad doesn’t respect the player’s preferences.

Rewarded ads create value for players by offering them incentives like an extra life or a special power-up in the game when they need it most. And because players can choose when to watch, these ads don’t disrupt gameplay. It’s why more than 45% of AdMob’s top 1000 gaming partners (by revenue) use rewarded ads to monetize their apps.

Last year, Google made it easy for you to deliver rewarded video ads lasting 6 to 60 seconds in portrait and landscape modes. Today, they’re sharing two new rewarded ad experiences that will become available to AdMob developers over the next few months: playable ads and multiple-option video ads. With these new formats, you can monetize your games while ensuring your players can interact with ads in a way that doesn’t interrupt their game play.

Earn more from your ad partners with Open Bidding on AdMob

Designed to make earning ad revenue more manageable and less time-consuming, Open Bidding takes monetization to the next level. Now, networks can bid to serve ads in your app simultaneously in a single unified auction.

The result: increased competition that could lead to higher revenue. Also, there’s fewer SDKs to implement, payments get simplified, and you’ll get meaningful insights from integrated reports in a single performance dashboard. Open Bidding is already live with bids from Smaato, Index Exchange and OpenX.

Sissie Hsiao, VP of Product, Mobile App Advertising at Google, said:

We’re looking forward to adding even more networks over the next few months, including AdColony and Vungle. That way you can do both, earn more from your apps, and get time back to make them even better. To learn more about these innovations, please join us at the Game Developer Conference next week. My team and I look forward to sharing more details on the work we’re doing to make it easier for you to become the GOAT of mobile gaming.

Pokdepinion: More ways for app and mobile game developers to not only reach out to their target market, but also improving on how they can earn without compromising on user friendliness. Good move, Google. Hoping to hear more at GDC later.

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