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Xbox One faces performance issues in Metal Gear Solid V

Xbox One faces performance issues in Metal Gear Solid V

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 15, 2015
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While we all know Metal Gear Solid V is one very beautiful and graphically demanding game, apparently it is so demanding that gamers with the Xbox One are experiencing frame rate drops as well as input lags when attempting to enjoy this game on their current-gen consoles. This has made Snake facepalm.


Snake looks good even when facepalming *sigh*


“It needs fixed badly, I’ve been watching the clock in my game to avoid it, I’m getting it at around every 15 minutes of gameplay at this point. Almost exactly. It just keeps getting more frequent as I go on,” writes akapixelrat.

“I get a pretty major glitch during gameplay every 45 minutes or so,” Reddit user ClockworkMagus said. “The sound will glitch/stutter, the frame rate crashes, and it will continue my last controller input but ignore all new input, ruining gameplay. The whole thing lasts about four seconds. Happens seemingly at random.”

The glitch effectively makes the game unplayable in certain situations, especially when players lose control of Snake’s action and he walks right out into a searchlight instead of stealthily melting into the shadows. Metal Gear Solid V is all about making those perfect infiltration runs, and it’s the kind of game where a single mistake can ruin the entire session. Precision and functionality are extremely important and the player has to be able to maintain control at every second or else the whole experience just falls apart.

Konami hasn’t issued any statement about the bug, and the Xbox division hasn’t said anything either. Some users have had luck with hard resetting their Xbox Ones, and others simply installed the game on an external HDD or USB flash stick. Hopefully Konami will find a way to fix this issue as well, but it might be tied to the Xbox One’s hardware, and that won’t be so easy to remedy. However one NeoGAF user was told by a Microsoft rep that the glitch “is a publisher issue”, and denied the user’s refund request.


SOURCE: TweakTown


Pokdepinion: It is possible that these Japanese games are optimized for the Sony PS4 instead of the Xbox One, thus resulting in the Xbox One suffering from issues. I am still currently waiting for a chance to try this game on my laptop.

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