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Get Real-time Translation With Google Assistant

Get Real-time Translation With Google Assistant

by Raja IdrisOctober 15, 2018
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Although the feature was already available if you had Pixel Buds, accompanied with a Pixel device, now it seems that you can use it without having either.

Real-time translation with Google Assistant

Being a Pixel-exclusive feature before this, now the real-time translation is set to be available to more devices. This is confirmed as the Pixel Buds support page for real-time translation has been updated, where it is now written to be available on all Assistant-optimized headphones and Android phones.

So all you need is an Android device (that are running Marshmallow and above) and a Google Assistant-enabled headphones. Once paired, you can say things like “Help me interpret French” or any other language of your choice. The person you’re communicating to will hear your translation from the phone’s speaker.

At the moment, the feature is available in 40 languages but only 27 languages are listed under “talk” for speech translation and bilingual conversation translation on Google Translate.

Though this is welcoming news  and most people own an Android device that is higher than Android Marshmallow, finding and owning a Google Assistant headphones may be hard for some as they don’t come cheap to say the least.

Source: Android Central

Pokdepinion: Now we just need to wait for those headphones to come in at more affordable prices and options…

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