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Megaman X DiVE Surprise Announcement for iOS and Android

Megaman X DiVE Surprise Announcement for iOS and Android

by Aiman MaulanaJuly 23, 2019
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Megaman X DiVE Surprise Announcement for iOS and Android

In a huge surprise announcement that seemingly came outta nowhere, Capcom has announced Megaman X DiVE for Android and iOS devices. The announcement also comes with a short teaser trailer, with some bits of information on the game.

Megaman X DiVE takes place in the Deep Log, a world which archives data from all the Megaman X series. That world is suddenly sent into turmoil, with all the data getting mixed up, and it’s up to the player to put things back into order. It’s a typical action game based on the series and it will feature many different stages, bosses, and characters from Megaman X games. It appears that new characters seem to be included as well.

The teaser trailer shows X and Zero as playable characters, but the key visual shown at the end also shows Axl, so he’ll probably be playable as well. For now, no release date for Megaman X DiVE was announced besides that it’ll launch worldwide in 2019. It’s also unknown if the game will feature microtransactions and how will they be used.

You can check out the trailer for Megaman X DiVE at the top of this post.

Pokdepinion: A Megaman X mobile game? Count me in. Well, I’d personally prefer the Battle Network series and always thought that would be easier to implement, but I’ll take anything at this point. I wonder if they’re include characters and armours from the Zero series and the ZX game.

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