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PUBG Clone ‘Knives Out’ Mobile Game Made More Money Than Fortnite

PUBG Clone ‘Knives Out’ Mobile Game Made More Money Than Fortnite

by Aiman MaulanaJanuary 16, 2019
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PUBG Clone ‘Knives Out’ Mobile Game Made More Money Than Fortnite

PUBG Clone 'Knives Out' Mobile Game Made More Money Than Fortnite

The battle royale craze is still going strong with the likes of PUBG and Fortnite still dominating on PC and consoles. However, there is a new king of battle royale that dominated the mobile game arena, and that game is none other than Knives Out.

According to a report from Sensor Tower, Knives Out generated a whopping USD $465 million worldwide in 2018, It is actually higher than Fortnite which generated USD $455 million worldwide, just 10 million shorter but still an impressive feat nonetheless.

Knives Out has been labelled as a PUBG clone, is played on a 6400x6400m map, and has been downloaded over 250 million times. About 80% of the money generated were from Japan, where an average of each player is said to have spent USD $370 on the game across iOS and Android.

The game also has the upper hand in China, the world’s largest market for mobile gaming, because they are able to accept in-app purchases, unlike rivals PUBG because NetEase is a China based company. Fortnite is also unable to generate revenue from the game in China due to game license approval issues.

If you’re in the mood for a new game to play on your smart devices, why not give Knives Out a try and see if you like it better than the usual battle royale games around.

Source: Sensor Tower

Pokdepinion: Well, time to try a new game and see what all the fuss is about. Definitely wouldn’t spend so much money on a mobile game, that’s for sure.

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