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Where to find the Raccoon Police Department in PUBG Mobile?

Where to find the Raccoon Police Department in PUBG Mobile?

by Vyncent ChanMarch 12, 2019
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We have been playing the Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile recently, and while we have run into the Raccoon Police Department a number of times, it was just yesterday that we actually tried to search for it earnestly.

From our “research” into PUBG Mobile’s Zombie Mode β€” yes our line of work gives us the freedom to do research in gamesΒ β€” there are a three locations where the Raccoon Police Department can spawn. Between Rozhok and Yasnaya Polyana, between School and Pochinki and between Mansion and Shelter.

In our tests β€” yes we are actually allowed to play games for “work” β€” we actually found the Raccoon Police Department repeatedly in our runs through the Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile at the spots labeled 1 and 2. The third location is sort of pointed out by other resources, but we have never actually found the RPD there ourselves.

The Raccoon Police Department is teeming with the tankier police zombies, and inside lies the G (Stage 1) boss. The loot isn’t particularly outstanding, with it dropping the typical loot you can get from the Tyrant (Mr.X).

The new Survive Till Dawn mode added to PUBG Mobile is to celebrate the release of Resident Evil 2, and we must say it does add a whole different aspect to PUBG Mobile. Not only must we kill fellow players, we must also avoid getting eaten by zombies.

Have you found the RPD in the third area? Let us know if you did!

Our thanks to those who joined us on our quest to find the Raccoon Police Department!

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