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New GameCube Design Controllers Coming for the Nintendo Switch

New GameCube Design Controllers Coming for the Nintendo Switch

by Aiman MaulanaOctober 23, 2018
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New GameCube Design Controllers Coming for the Nintendo Switch

New Gamecube Design Controllers Coming for the Nintendo Switch

For all you Nintendo Switch owners right there, I’m sure many of you are looking forward to Super Smash Bros Ultimate coming later in December. I’m also sure that there is a good number of you looking up or already bought solid controllers to play the game. Be it the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers or eyeing those bundle packs, there are decision that need to be made.

Allow us to present to you another option for a solid controller by peripheral company PDP with their GameCube design gamepads.

With Nintendo formally announcing their own Smash Ultimate edition of the controller, PDP has rolled out pre-orders for their own wired GameCube controllers. Gamers will have the choice between Mario, Zelda, and Pikachu-themed GameCube controllers.

PDP mentions on their official website that these gamepads have the unique ability to swap out the original C-Stick on the pad for a full-size version for personal preference, so players won’t have to feel worried about wearing out their C-stick. The gamepad also boasts a 10-foot cable for “plenty of room to get comfortable” according to their website.

The gamepads are priced at USD $24.99 on Amazon with a set release date for 23rd November 2018, which is rather affordable. You can also see pictures of the three GameCube gamepads at the top of this post.

Source: Official Website

Pokdepinion: Well, I know a lot of people will go for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, and there will also be a number of people looking for good / more affordable alternatives. This PDP Gamecube controller seems like a good fit for that.

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