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Nintendo Switch YouTube App May Be Coming This Week

Nintendo Switch YouTube App May Be Coming This Week

by Aiman MaulanaNovember 7, 2018
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Nintendo Switch YouTube App May Be Coming This Week

The Nintendo Switch is a very handy device. At its core, it’s a portable gaming device with network capabilities that can easily be docked to play at home. One of the major drawbacks on it is the lack of YouTube support, which is commonly supported for smartphones and similar devices as a standalone app that can be downloaded.

However, that may no longer be an issue soon as the Nintendo Switch YouTube app is said to be in the works. While many people have heard about its impending arrival, sources have claimed that the Nintendo Switch YouTube app may be coming as soon as this week, on 8th November 2018. That date may differ slightly depending on time zones.

It’s being said that users have found suggestions for a Nintendo Switch YouTube app which will be available on 8th November 2018. While you can’t visit the product page for it, the listing itself lends huge credibility towards its impending release. No longer will people be stuck with just Hulu or Niconico for their video fix on the platform.

It’s no secret that Google wants YouTube to be synonymous with video / video streaming so such a move can’t be entirely ruled out. Whether it’s coming this week or perhaps sometime later, the Nintendo Switch YouTube app will certainly make the console more attractive for a wider audience who may not be serious gamers themselves.

Source: Engadget

Pokdepinion: I personally feel like the Nintendo Switch YouTube app is the only thing missing for the system itself to be a true multimedia powerhouse. Sure, I can use my phone but I’d honestly rather use the Switch for that if I could.

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