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Game Developer Received Thousands Of Threats For Dealing With Epic Games Store

Game Developer Received Thousands Of Threats For Dealing With Epic Games Store

by Raja IdrisAugust 8, 2019
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Epic Games Store hasn’t been receiving a lot of love ever since the platform came out, mostly because they made a lot of games to be exclusive only at their store. Now it appears that the game developers for an indie game called Ooblets has been facing the wrath of the platform’s critics. If you’re not sure what the game is about, you can check out the video below.

It seems that the game’s developers, Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasse, has been on the receiving end of “hateful, threatening” messages over their deal with Epic Games.

Here’s what they have to say (on Patreon) “We really misjudged how angry so many people would be. This whole thing has just devastated us. We’ve been getting thousands if not tens of thousands of hateful, threatening messages across every possible platform nonstor. It’s especially hurtful since we’ve had such a positive, supportive relationship with our audience throughout development”.

The issue got to the point that it made them fall to tears where it reads “I have been crying nonstop for the last two days and feeling like the world has collapsed around me. I couldn’t have guessed the scale of what it would feel like to be the target of an internet hate mob. I already had a lot of empathy for other targets of previous hate mobs, which is why we wanted to address that sort of thinking in our announcement, but I had no idea it was this bad”.

Ben Wasse on the other hand stood by his actions by saying that he doesn’t owe people (the critics) anything.

If you wish to read more on his statement, you can check out the link here.

As for Epic, they’ve said that they are “fully committed” with their plans, despite “these challenges” surrounding game exclusives.

Pokdepinion: I’m not a fan of Epic (I don’t even have it on my PC) but come on guys, is the hate really necessary? 

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