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Common Gamer Excuses (For Playing Badly); You Know a Friend Like This?

Common Gamer Excuses (For Playing Badly); You Know a Friend Like This?

by Raja IdrisSeptember 20, 2017
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We’ve seen plenty of gamers giving weird, and sometimes downright silly excuses for playing badly. But we noticed a trend to them. Do these gamer excuses seem familiar to you?

Common Gamer Excuses (For Playing Badly)

Gamers are a proud species of highly functional beings. They highly value achievements and trophies, so much so that they have a caste system based on how many they acquired.  Those with more platinums, more achievements are looked upon as gods among men while others are lesser beings. One peculiar characteristic that most of them share is that they have a ‘carry’ mentality (look up DotA 2).  Phrases such as, “Cover me noob!!” or “Let me handle mid” is always in their vocabulary.

Okay, slight exaggeration but let’s be honest, at some point in our lives whether we’re playing against friends on a sofa or against people online, there will be that inner gamer in you that thinks highly of your own ability dominate the rest, no matter whether you play MOBA games, play PvP in role playing games or first person shooters.  Gamers, If they win, losing was never an option.  If (A BIG IF) they lose, it is totally never their fault, ever. There are always some inventive and creative explanations.

So let’s take a look at our top gamer excuses for playing badly.

1) The team is not good enough

The first in the top gamer excuses is what psychologists would refer this symptom to be ‘blame-deflection’. It is when one’s inner conscious inability to grasp the fact that it might actually be they themselves that are the problem. This can be seen in most online multiplayer games such as Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and co.

It certainly looks foolish when teammates gets blamed when you venture into enemy territory alone and not knowing your surroundings. One death later, the cursing and excuse starts. This is even worse when your team doesn’t even know what you planned on doing. So don’t be a reckless player, be a team player. Let them know what you have in mind and ask them nicely. Unless it’s a Free for All match, always prioritize the team ahead of individuality.

They might perform badly for the team, but hey, everyone has their bad days. The blaming certainly doesn’t help either. None of your teammates would want to hear about they held you back throughout the whole match. Remember, there is no ‘I’ in team. Plus it’s not the best way to make friends online, unsurprisingly.

2) It was the lag

Probably one of the more common gamer excuses in this list. This excuse has been around for as long as online gaming had come to existence. Assuming that you have played online games for some time, you would know that lag does take effect even on the most stable of internet connections.

Sometimes it happens at the most critical of moments. It is just something that we have to deal with, like it or not. Therefore, the excuse is credible, as gamers have probably experienced lag at some point in their lives.

Instead of taking the blame in a team game when you mess up, you can blame the lag for causing you to miss the easiest of shots and no one would be the wiser.

As fun-ruining phenomena go, lag is a real killer, and unlike many of the entries on this list, it definitely does exist. Still, it’s probably best not to wheel this one out after every minor defeat. We wouldn’t want you to lose all credibility, now would we?

If your internet speed is under the kbps category, rest in peace, rest in peace.

3) You have no life

One of the gamer excuses that takes a shot at the opponent. I’m sure you’ve all heard the fabled “I have a life” excuse after you crush an adversary. The excuse generally comes from someone who brags about how they would own you before the game starts.

When they fail, they will drop the “I have a life” excuse on you, to try and not only redirect blame from themselves but also to minimize your sense of achievement that victory produces.

What could be worse than that? Making their opponents sound bad while escaping for playing badly.

The excuse can lead to some nasty conversations, where terms such as “no-life losers” is thrown at the player who won the match.

The funny thing with the people who use this excuse is that most of them are hypocrites. It’s important to remember, in the bizarre world of online gaming, that anybody more skilful than you should at all times be referred to as a “loser with no life” and anyone worse than you is a “noob”. See how it works there?

This excuse boils down to simply moving the goal posts – if you can’t beat someone playing competitively, at least you can feel good about your social life compared to theirs. It’s a normal and perfectly natural way to deal with the frustration of losing, but that doesn’t make it a valid excuse.

4) Not used to the control scheme

In PC first-person shooters (FPS) there are two groups of players. Those who use the “invert mouse” setting and those who don’t. Everyone has their preference, but when you invite a friend to play on your PC and laugh as they horribly fail in a FPS, they might retaliate with the excuse that they are not used to the mouse settings or speed.

Head on over to console to a game of football, followers of the game of the sport are divided to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) or FIFA. If a person who plays the latter game was invited to play PES at a friend’s house, this excuse would normally show up.

While these two games are different in their own ways, the controls should not be an issue. In the current gen console PS4, you can customize the layout of your control scheme. So what’s wrong with taking a little time to change it? Your friend surely wouldn’t care at all in waiting as long as they can beat you with no excuses being brought up.

If you do use the excuse, be prepared to perform when your friend offers you the option to remap the controls to your liking.

5) ‘Hackers’, ‘Bugs’, ‘Glitches’

There’s no denying that they exist but most often than not gamers exaggerate that their opponents are hacking the game and it is unfair to them.  Every movement, every kills are deemed questionable.  Scrutinizing every kill cam, checking every replay, worst of all reporting any detail that highlights these “hackers”.  Their mantra is that “it is totally abnormal that others are better so they must be cheating.”

Bugs and glitches are also in the mix.  So not only they are saying that other people are screwing with them, the game itself is also taking part in this screw-fest.  Raging because the game is not responding when they press a button or even the inability to do something simple quickly such as reloading can lead to an “unfair” death.  Remember it is never their fault.

So, yup that’s it.  Not to say that these are the only gamer excuses, for gamers are a creative bunch with ideas that could dumbfound everyone but these are (sometimes) the things that makes gaming fun.  Which if you think about it properly, gave birth to trolls and the act of trolling.  Now that’s another list that we could write all day about.

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