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Hitman brings Titan X to its knees at 1080p

Hitman brings Titan X to its knees at 1080p

by Vyncent ChanJuly 27, 2015
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What hope is there left for the peasants like us among the PC gaming master race if even the godly NVIDIA GTX Titan X can’t push a steady 60 fps at 1080p? The test was done on the closed alpha version of Hitman, but unless the developers do a shitload of optimizations, I doubt anything I can afford will be able to run it smoothly.

Gameplay video by polaric90 who has a GTX Titan X shows that Hitman was capable of pushing an average of 40 fps only on Ultra settings. Note this is at only 1080p, when currently a lot of new gaming monitors are pushing 1440p already. But one can rest assured that NVIDIA Hairworks won’t be necessary to make the game look better as the titular assassin is bald. MUAHAHAHA


SOURCE: TweakTown


Pokdepinion: Oh well, while the peasants of the PC gaming master race may have a chance to upgrade their GPUs if they really want to play this game so badly, what about those using laptops or the peasant console gamers? However this is the alpha build we are talking about, so hopefully the final version will be a lot more optimized.

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