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Overwatch: New Custom Game Options, Server Selection, and Permanent New Game Mode Coming

Overwatch: New Custom Game Options, Server Selection, and Permanent New Game Mode Coming

by Aiman MaulanaFebruary 9, 2017
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Soon there will be more consistent pings as well as more ways to practice and play in Overwatch.

We’re still in the middle of the Overwatch Year of the Rooster seasonal event and the team has already has a number of great things in store for us gamers. This is something I’m sure many of you will be looking forward to as it will allow us to have more fun in-game, and face even less ping issues in the game.


Overwatch Upcoming Update Details

There is a new Developer Update video on the PlayOverwatch YouTube channel. In that video, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan sheds some light on upcoming changes that will be happening to the game.

Kaplan reveals that among many other things, a server browser is coming to the game. If you’re not sure what this means, this feature will allow players to select servers to play on in their region. Southeast Asian gamers who are playing on the Americas server will not have to worry about finding themselves with a 200ms+ ping all of a sudden as they can now select servers.

Furthermore, Kaplan also revealed a number of mutators and features will be available for players to toggle on and off via new custom game modes. This will enable players to toy around with certain settings like skill cooldown periods in custom game modes, whether it’s just for fun or for practice purposes. It’s gonna be high noon all day, everyday.

And for those of you who are getting sick of playing the usual Quick Play mode, this is gonna be something you’d be happy to hear. Capture the Flag will also be added to Overwatch on a permanent basis as a custom game mode.Players will be able to gain experience points in custom game modes as well, though it seems that some terms and conditions may apply.  With that in mind, the Overwatch development team has enabled 9 maps to be compatible with the mode.

While there is no word on when the update will be hitting the game, it is expected to go live on Overwatch’s Play Test Region very soon.


Pokdepinion: Finally, a new permanent game mode. I sort of wished that it would be a PvE mode like Junkenstein’s Revenge but I’m not complaining. The Server Browser thing will make games be even more consistent as we don’t have to worry about having crappy pings anymore…unless your ISP is horrible.

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