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Returners Launch In Singapore – Mobile RPG Featuring Heroes From History!

Returners Launch In Singapore – Mobile RPG Featuring Heroes From History!

by Raja IdrisNovember 28, 2017
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Ever wanted to play as Aladdin, Hercules, Robin Hood, and the lot in a mobile game? Well here’s a mobile game that you can experience just that. Introducing Returners, a mobile RPG game that just launched in Singapore today.


The mobile game, which is brought by Nexon Korea Corporation, is free-to-play and features RPG elements with management-style gameplay.

Featuring a cartoon-ish style, get a chance to play timeless heroes spanning from history, lore, and myth while battling in a real-time 5v5 combat. That means every strategic decisions you make will have effects and consequences. Quickly grasp the battle within the given time and you might be leading your team to victory.

The game, which came from Korea, is getting an update where they will add essential gear, a new character, and the Platinum League. You can visit the shop every 24 hours for an opportunity to draw valuable and useful items for free. There are a total of five unique items made available. The new character addition is quite a famous one. It’s Alice from Alice In Wonderland but they call her Alice In Returners Land instead (huh clever). With the update, you can battle it out with the world’s elite in the Platinum League. It is only open to masters in the top-10 bracket of the Gold League and for those who hold a combat power greater than 21,000.

The game is now out for download for both Android and iOS.

Pokdepinion: For these types of games, I would just rather watch people play it instead. It’s too ‘cute’ for me 😛

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