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Riot Games Launches Student Ambassador Program; First of Its Kind in Malaysia!

Riot Games Launches Student Ambassador Program; First of Its Kind in Malaysia!

by Aiman MaulanaApril 21, 2017
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The company widely known across the world  for League of Legends is launching the Riot Games student ambassador program!

Have you wondered if gaming would ever be a part of education? I don’t mean videogame development of course, as there’s already plenty of programming and design courses for that already.

In a bid to encourage people to jump into the videogame industry as well as empower the students in all fields, there will be a Riot Games student ambassador program. It’s the kind that you wish would have existed years ago when we were still doing our tertiary education, if you haven’t gone through it already.


Riot Games Student Ambassador Program

Riot Games student ambassador program

Riot Games, the company behind infamous eSports game League of Legends, is introducing a new initiative to Malaysia, the Riot Games student ambassador program. The program is targeted at university and college students in Malaysia across all levels with a passion for gaming.

It’s a 1-year program that aims to help participants develop transferable career skills and jump-start their future careers. This is not limited to just the videogame industry. Gurpardeep Singh, the VP, Operations of APIIT Education Group noted that videogames can nurture important skills in real life such as critical thinking, communications, and more.

Benjamin Pommeraud, General Manager of Riot Games SG & MY, said:

The videogame industry is innovative and competitive. We know the importance of studying hard to perform in today’s world. It is part of Riot’s culture to propel innovation, nurture talent and to create a positive perception for the gaming industry. This is what we are willing to do with out ambassador program.

During the 1-year Riot Games student ambassador program, student-ambassadors will lead campus campaigns and initiatives that will develop their leadership, critical thinking, communications, collaboration, events management, and budgeting skills. At the end of the program, they will receive certificates, testimonials, and partial scholarships, with top ambassadors receiving an all-expense paid trip to watch the Finals of the League of Legends World Championship next year.

Hasnul Hadi Samsuddin, Director of Creative Content and Technologies Division for MDEC, said:

The Malaysian goverment via MDEC have always been aggressive in pushing for the development of the gaming industry. The game industry has been growing strong, with 45% revenue growth from 2013-2016 to match the frantic growth in demand. Malaysia has a huge potential to be the leading ASEAN games development hub and it is encouraging to see global players like Riot Games recognizing Malaysia for its fast growing, young, and creative talent pool.

The Riot Games student ambassador program runs from April 2017 until March 2018. For the first batch, Riot Games has selected 28 students over 28 universities and colleges throughout Malaysia.


Pokdepinion: I wished they had this when I was still doing my degree. The Riot Games student ambassador program sounds like a lot of fun. One thing’s for sure, the local gaming industry is looking brighter than ever if a big international company is willing to do something like that in Malaysia. Keep in mind, it’s also the first of its kind in the world.

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